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The following are the steps to take if a Disaster Strikes.

Remain calm and be patient.
Follow the advice of local emergency officials.
Listen to your radio or television for news and
If the disaster occurs near your home while you are
there, check for damage using a flashlight. Do not
light matches or candles or turn on electrical
switches. Check for fires, fire hazards and other
household hazards. Sniff for gas leaks, starting at
the water heater. If you smell gas or suspect a
leak, turn off the main gas valve, open windows, and
get everyone outside quickly.
Shut off any other damaged utilities
Confine or secure your pets.
Call your family contact - do not use the telephone
again unless it is a life-threatening emergency.
Check your neighbors, especially those who are elderly
or disabled.

For more detailed information please visit the National Website on Preparing for the Unexpected.

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