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A family can lose everything they own in a house or apartment fire. After the initial trauma, the family must cope with practical matters resulting from this great loss. By providing vouchers to purchase food, clothing, temporary shelter in a motel and health and mental health services, the Red Cross of Merrimack Valley offers critical services to people who have been left homeless. Additionally, the Red Cross of Merrimack Valley helps the family with start-up costs in their new home, such as the first month's rent and additional essential household furniture and supplies. Red Cross volunteers of Merrimack Valley are ready to respond to this type of disaster day or night, 365 days a year. These services are provided free to our disaster clients thanks to the support of our generous donors.

National and International Disasters
Disasters happen across our country and around the globe with unrelenting fury. Families are torn apart, homes are destroyed, and whole communities are wiped off the map. Whenever and wherever there is human suffering, the Red Cross is there. We are the world's largest humanitarian organization and our mission is to help humanity in crisis.

In order to provide our supporters with a means to help people in need everywhere, the American Red Cross maintains two relief funds, the National Disaster Relief Fund for domestic disasters and the International Response Fund for international disasters.

Because the American Red Cross of Merrimack Valley, like all Red Cross societies worldwide, is an integral part of the International Red Cross Movement, our donors can send a contribution to their local Red Cross Merrimack Valley chapter in support of any major disaster worldwide. We, in turn, forward their gift to support those specific relief efforts.

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